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My name is Fotis Ntouskas and I am a Computer Systems Engineer (Piraeus University of Applied Sciences) as well as an MBA graduate (University of Kentucky).
I uploaded a webpage for the needs of my bachelor's thesis back in the day, and since the hosting is free, I decided to design and upload this personal website just for the sake of it.
I may or may not update the content herein depending on my free time and whatever comes to mind.

Just to make sure, you can as well find me at LinkedIn | Fotis Ntouskas. -- Thanks!


Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest "Galaxy Quest" is an OpenGL ES 2.0 Android game, where the player has to maneuver a space Shuttle through waves of asteroids. Quoting part of the published description: "Move with caution, as the beams that power your Ion Drive, tend to attract objects of mass similar to that of your Shuttle's".

"Galaxy Quest" is a simple, retro-style, infinite-runner space arcade, which is Ad-free and requires no permissions whatsoever. The game was built from scratch, without using an off-the-shelf game engine. As a result, it is lightweight and highly-optimized, occupying minuscule storage space on the user's device.
Get it on Google Play

2D Space Mapping

A mechatronics device used for taking distance measurements of the surrounding objects.
Using a PIC microcontroller, a CCD camera, an IR laser module and a custom PCB, this device is built cooperatively from ground up, by my friend Panagiotis Papadopoulos and me.

Web-based Applications

Various dynamic websites and intranet applications.

Standalone Applications

The example application below, developed for the RF & Audio Electronics Industry, remotely manages a radio transmitter system and graphically displays its status by feeding real-time data into custom-programmed logarithmic scale meters.


expertMy thesis was an online interview style rule-based expert system for troubleshooting PC hardware issues using backward chaining. It is written in Java and it uses the Jess (Java Expert System Shell) rule engine.
For a basic understanding of how the system works please read the presentation notes first. The project, the presentation and the pdf document are only available in Greek.
pptPresentation pdfThesis Try out the Expert System
Related downloads: Java | Jess (trial) | FuzzyJess

Retro Gaming

One needs to take his mind off daily-routine-things once in a while.
There are plenty of ways to achieve this, one of which is good old retro gaming, so...

I present to you my collection of original SNES and Gameboy cartridges (and recently, 3DS!).
If you are a retro gaming fan as I am, you 'll agree that old-school games never get old!
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